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An Institute of National Importance under Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development

[NIT Durgapur is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee year]

Computer Vision, Machine Intelligence and Medical Imaging Research Group

About Computer Vision, Machine Intelligence and Medical Imaging Research Group

This Research Group is organized to participate in world-class research activities inComputer vision, Machine Intelligence, and Medical Imaging.

Computer vision is one of the most active areas in modern research and development. Weuse computer vision techniques in robotic vision, navigation, target recognition,manufacturing, photo interpretation, remote sensing, medical imaging and analysis,astronomy, automated inspection for industrial products, surveillance, Forensics, and manymore areas. This research group is dedicated to developing new and promising, andeconomical computer vision techniques to serve human society.

Machine Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence is a set of computational techniques that enables amachine or to interact with its environment intelligently to take actions to maximize itschance of achieving its goals successfully. Nowadays, it is tough to find an area oftechnology where machine intelligence framework is not applied. Even Social Scientists arealso applying AI to increase understanding of human development and social functioning. Apart of this research group is devoted to developing Machine Intelligence algorithms that canbe successfully applied in various fields of Science and Technology.

Medical imaging provides a visual representation of the interior of a body and the functionsof some organs or tissues so that the physicians can do clinical analysis and medicalintervention. A part of this group is working on the reconstruction and enhancement ofmedical images. Moreover, the group is dedicated to analyzing the biomedical signals andimages and developing economical Computer-Aided Diagnostic systems that may improvethe physicians' diagnostic accuracy.